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Current PositionsStrategical Marketing Specialist and IT Manager at SMI Manufacturing, Inc.

Owner at Nexus Engineering LLC
AvailabilitySeeking Marketing / Project Management Position
Experience8+ Years
LocationEvansville, Indiana, USA
Time ZoneCentral US (UCT -06:00)

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My Associates of Applied Science in Computer Network Systems helped establish a base for practical, real-world experience. The journey started with web design for small businesses and progressed to a focus on marketing, data analysis, and security.

Having entrepreneurial experience means I understand making creative use of the resources you have on hand, running a department like a micro business, and keeping in mind the concerns of upper management. Ensuring timely deliverables with meaningful, positive impact is top priority.

I enjoy participating in IT, security, and management conferences in the Midwest and contributing to various projects on GitHub. Personal hobbies include outdoor activities and the occasional woodworking or CNC router project.


experience & Education

Work experience
July 2016 - Present

(employer asset acquisition,
position expected to last until Dec 2017)

Newburgh, IN

SMI Manufacturing, Inc./Strategical Marketing Specialist and IT Manager

Originally hired for Network Administrator duties (including Apple, Windows, and Linux devices), CRM / ERP customization, Web Design, and VoIP engineering. Set up IT based procedural documentation systems to replace physical binders. Trained new staff on software usage.

Quickly branched out into Social Media Marketing due to prior experience, and worked on gathering Marketing Data Metrics from various sources to implement in dashboards and reports. Helped increase the number of followers on Facebook and Twitter by over 300% each within six months. Presented analytics to the other members of the Marketing team and participated in strategy formation. Lead the search for a CRM/ERP software upgrade.

Also created an interactive dashboard/flowchart to increase customer-facing staff efficiency, made significant progress with better organizing process documentation for all departments, and offered occasional engineering assistance for production R&D.

Currently completing a business management course based on the book "How Business Works".

2009 - Present

Evansville, IN

Nexus Engineering LLC/Owner

Primary focus through 2016 was Web Development, LAMP Stack Administration, and Digital Marketing (Strategy, Social Media, and SEO) for small and medium sized regional organizations.

Enjoyed working on hybrid hardware/software projects (Arduino and Raspberry Pi combined with custom web-based dashboards). Lead teams of up to 4 contractors for larger projects. Scaled back significantly when hired at SMI. Current focus is project management consulting. https://nexeng.us

2013 - 2014

Evansville Idea Space/Co-Founder/Chairman

The Evansville Idea Space was an organization dedicated to sharing practical knowledge, with a focus on technology and sustainability. We organized several classes with topics ranging from Internet privacy to soldering to gardening. EIS merged with Maker Station at Innovation Pointe in downtown Evansville.


Neighborhood Computer Associates/Office Manager/Developer

Website Developer, VoIP engineer, Linux server administrator. NCA owner took a full-time position elsewhere, leading to drastic company downsizing.

2009 - 2010

Information Technology Architects/IT Technician

On-site troubleshooting and repair of PC hardware and software issues. Spent unassigned time continuing the improvement of web design skills as well as gaining Linux experience.

2011 - 2013

Newburgh, IN

ITT Technical Institute

Graduated with an Associates of Applied Science in Computer Network Systems. Spent a lot of time getting hands-on experience with the lab exercises.

2008 - 2011

Greenville, IL

Greenville College (now Greenville University)

Completed four semesters with a focus on Physics. Received a well-rounded education including philosophy and music courses in addition to the engaging science labs.

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